The Community Compassion Walk is a grassroots effort to bring awareness about community compassion practices, processes and ideas for making things better in each of our communities. Community compassion is what Into the Storm is all about. Compassion shows that if we care and reach out or allow others to reach in we can have a lasting impacts on others.   

We encourage you to join our effort to share compassion, help others and to be that Community Champion. 


Community Compassion Champion Cards
Compassion Pods
Wellness (Supports & Resources)
Awareness (Start Talking, Keep Talking)
Love (Connection with Others)
Kindness (Share your Compassion)


Throughout May 12-June 22, 2019, we embarked on a walk from Prince Rupert to Kamloops BC, over 1300km walked. The walk was a huge success! We walked Into the Storm together and through it we learned a lot from each other on this journey. We met many amazing people from all walks of life, working together to help support their family, friends and community. Many people shared their experiences with trauma that mental health and suicide bring into all our lives. Through this walk, we were showed the next practical steps that we need to take to continue our efforts. 

Along our journey, we were approached by many people who asked for our contact details. Understanding that we do not have the capacity to support everyone we met, we realized we don't want to let anyone down. We want to help identify local supports in their own communities, such as a family member, friend or neighbor who could be that support network. And thus, the Community Compassion Champion Card was born. Champion Cards display the Into the Storm buffalo logo on the front with space on the back to include names and contact information of two Champions who can be reached in a time of need for support. 

We also received feedback about organizations that provided awesome and extremely helpful programs at one time. Unfortunately, these programs cease to exist when government funds become unavailable or run out. We heard about the limited and stressed resources that all first responders are faced with. These individuals have the heart to strive to do more in their community but time and resources are limited, which makes the difference for providing support to someone in need. To help support first responders, the notion of the Compassion Pod was developed. 


We have reclaimed our spirit and regained the strength to stand up and say; "Okay I'm here and we can do this" I have also learned that if you stand for something that is right, even if you stand alone - it is the right thing to do!

 Click here for a full recap of the 2019 CC Walk


Offering open dialogue and presentations upon request about why CCWalk and the many challenges we face in the communities and what we can do about it, utilizing existing resources.

Community compassion is taking the responsibility - no one can do it for us

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