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Uncertainty | March 19, 2020🧩

With the events that are transpiring in the world, there seems to be no end in sight, the greatest feat that can be overcome is the insecurity that creeps out of the darkness.
The uncertainty can either do one of two things, it may cripple the being or allow it to grow. Like a seed planted if it is watered it will flourish into beautiful presence or if left unwanted and unwatered it will diminish.
To feed off of the anxiety that is caused by anger and despair the crippling effects will smother us. To recognize that in fact that this action is happening, and reaching within and building a resilient foundation is teaching the power within, that in fact the worthiness can be exposed and shared.
Living in a time where technology has over taken human contact, with the global situation that is occurring, the robotic nature of technology has become the main source of contact - we can still have compassion.
Sharing our vulnerability with a friend doesn't mean we are weak, it means we are human. To trust ourselves to confide in someone and for some it is a mountain of anxiety. To bare the soul means we are learning that no matter what the reality is, we are human, we are vulnerable and when we share, we are growing.
The uncertainty and mistrust, would not exist if we can look before we cross the road, think before we speak, to overcome obstacles means we trusted ourselves to grow.

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