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If someone is declaring self harm - Call The RCMP - Call 911 - Call the helpline. The person may be in a depressive state and if fielded by depression, anger, drugs or alcohol it makes the depressive state worse. Don’t be embarrassed, or feel as though it’s an obligation to β€œkeep it quiet!” , that is not your concern - Your concern will be: β€œAre you safe!” The person may not be able to think about the bigger picture - they may only see sadness and hollowness, they may only see and feel pain. Suicide is not be the...

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Please Call the National Toll Free Number 1-833-456-4566 if you need additional assistance. There has been a roller coaster ride, that I avoided getting on. The emotional roller coaster ride that involves death. I knew that eventually death was going to impact me - I didn’t think and sometimes cant believe it was my son Quinnton that would die before me. I reflect on the days gone by and know that I have to use yesterday as the learning stones to step into tomorrow. I grieve for my son everyday. Some days the grief is worse than others, this journey...

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