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Please Call the National Toll Free Number 1-833-456-4566 if you need additional assistance. There has been a roller coaster ride, that I avoided getting on. The emotional roller coaster ride that involves death. I knew that eventually death was going to impact me - I didn’t think and sometimes cant believe it was my son Quinnton that would die before me. I reflect on the days gone by and know that I have to use yesterday as the learning stones to step into tomorrow. I grieve for my son everyday. Some days the grief is worse than others, this journey...

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I was given a... chance to realize, that the price of loving you was true, chance to feel my arms wrapped around you, chance to know how to feel when you said ”Mommy I love you too.. I've been focusing on survivors guilt, that I'm forgetting how to live, I've buried myself deep in the fortress all.i know how to do is grieve. I walk in a way that defines that my heart is broken... Remembering your words - your words that were spoken. I've given myself a chance, to feel the love so true, knowing that my baby boys...

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In the U.S, May is Mental Health Awarenss Month In Canada, May 4 -May 10 is Mental Health Awareness Week For many - Awareness is everyday! ”Being compassionate to others is important, what also is important is being Compassionate to ourselves.” GM2019 We say we're fine, even when the truth is we're ecstatic, exhausted, grateful. Or even freaking out. Every time we just go through the motions, we miss out on the chance to connect for real. In times of crisis like this, we need each other more than ever. Connecting doesn't just feel good - it's good for our...

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