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Reflecting | March 02, 2020🧩

Sitting and reflecting about the last few months and wondering what tomorrow has in store. Realizing that tomorrow will happen while carrying the lessons of yesterday, and all the people who have impacted the breaths that are taken, and knowing there are moments that took the breaths away.
Looking at the countless of impacts, and those who have crossed over to the spirit world and what their lives meant to those who
grieve the tremendous loss, knowing that they will never hold the loved ones close again and what that has done to the self.
Often times, the impact of the moment and not understanding the history of life moments, and how it will be carried into tomorrow or the devastation it can carry gets lost in the moment that now becomes a part of history.
We can not change what occurred, we can learn from it, and teach it as now it becomes a part of who we are.
So many people are fighting for a right, a cause, a change, a chance to be a part of something, or a part of someone. Actions taken, disrupting or so we think the ebb and flow. While having a chance, and a choice to to embrace the actions of today and what it means to the events of tomorrow, how can we make tomorrow better?
Almost in a robotic state, while the mechanics work in today we arrive at a place which changes our spirit the heart and soul of who we are. Are we leaving today to chance? Are we making a difference that will allow for us to leave a legacy of hope and understanding.
Like pieces of a puzzle, without the one piece the puzzle will not be completed, we fit together because of the purpose, of the unique form of our being, do we listen to hear and not to learn? Do we speak to be heard or to teach a lesson? We change because we are forced to or because we want to?
Without the final piece the puzzle will never be complete. 🧩
Walking into tomorrow, I take my today, and all of my yesterdays, not because it is my right but as a privilege to be a part of a greater learning. Will I make a difference? I may or I may not.. It is how we greet the day and our interactions that breathe life into someone or something that will either take hold or it won't. It isn't a failure, it will be a reflection of life lessons from yesterday.

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