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Personal Thoughts to Share: April 10, 2020🗝

As the morning carefully brings the daylight, and the ability to see the sky, looking across the fields and seeing a coyote walking by.

The ability to breathe in, and release the calming sigh. There is an awkward beauty when you walked in through the storm. To have surpassed the deafening silence, of grief that has came this way, what an accomplishment to see the birds flying by.

The social distancing, and self isolation comes easy you see, for walking into the storm wasn't a choice given unto me.

To see the storm brewing for those on their personal path, with some and comfort knowing, this too shall pass.

Waiting on this side, are those who will see it through, knowing others have walked this way will be waiting for you. The storms are never easy, they've never been claimed to be, the crippling heartache, deep despair and minutes of grieving are all apart of me.

Realizing as the walk into the storm, knowing may have come this way, hoping you trust the process, that there is someone hoping you'd lead the way.

Don't give up from the trials of yesterday, it gives you a taste of destiny, know you will have someone waiting and watching as you show them the way.

As the morning brings daylight, to see the birds dance in the sky, as they glide into their yonder, the chaos ceases to be.

As frustrating as is it, Mother Nature is doing her thing, to have us all grounded to find the beauty within. As many have done before us, gone to war, fought indescribable pain, we can learn that, together - we can go Into the Storm.

Continue being compassionate, check on those who you love, drop off a meal, a card, because we don't know the battles others are fighting right now, let them know - together we can Go into the Storm.

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