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One Child lost to the act of Suicide, is One Child Too Many | August 2, 2020 📓

One Child lost to the act of Suicide, is One Child Too Many.
We know when a youth dies by the act of suicide, it is a break, a loss of our future.
Our future leaders are broken by mental illness and feel as though the only way out, the only way to end their pain is by the act of suicide.
How is it our Youth, our children including mine feel their only way out is or was self harm resulting in death?
We know have a lot of smart Young kids with nothing to do, this hopelessness, helplessness, the being alone and being lonely, the lack of compassion, the lack of belonging has to stop!
There use to be pride in “It takes a village to raise a child” now when a child dies by their own hands,
the “tsk, tsk tsk..”
the “oh the poor Mom”
”oh the poor Dad”
”Oh what a selfish act” HAS to STOP!
The stigmas that are attached to Mental Health HAS to Stop!
The Death of our Youth HAS to Stop!
The constant heartache our Mothers and Fathers are feeling has to STOP
We need to work together as a community
We need to band together to find a way for our Youth, our Children to not feel so isolated.
The death of future is happening at an alarming rate and the commodity of grief is a big business!
What happened to having pride in community?
What happened to having a sense of community?
What happened to “The hope of our future is in the hands of our youth”????
To lend a helping hand to someone who is struggling is human kindness. Should not have to depend on Government Regulations or funding!
The innate act of common decency, the act of respect, camaraderie, team work and inclusion for those who are struggling will go a long way.
**To my dear friend, whomever you are today:
I will not say I understand, because your child is not my child:
I hope you know that when I say as you experience the death of your child, you are not alone. We are here, we will support you, we will hold your hand.
I send you my deepest and heartfelt condolences as you begin to process the death of your Child. You are close in thought, you are close in my heart, I ask the universe to hold you up, to envelop you in a loving and gentle swaddle. Know that you do not journey alone. I will be here at the end of this sentence, together we can navigate the storm!
May the Great Spirit, walk with you as begin one of life’s most difficult journeys😓
ONE CHILD LOST to Suicide IS One Child TOO MANY!

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