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Navigating the New Norm... | April 8, 2020🗝

Sitting and thinking about the new norm, as the kilometers pass, and minutes turn into hours, now hours turning into days what is the purpose of the new navigation.
Knowing that just for now, the new norm is ”self isolation”, ”social distancing” and monitoring your health. What is so new? For some the self isolation meant keeping your pillars intact. ”Social distancing”, meant trying to stay away from some who were ”toxic”, now, the toxicity is not mental, it's a health requirement? What has our society become?
As the social distancing is now a requirement, how are those who need people to cope - how are they coping?
How do we ”check-in” or ”check on” the most vulnerable? If we can't see them, how do we know that they are well? What measures do we have in place to do wellness checks. How do we facilitate wellness checks, if we can't see them?
Thinking about my friend, who takes social distancing seriously, who checks on her?
Knowing that she needs to have people to survive, how do we know she is well? We can call, or ”facetime” but she doesn't have the technological tools to enhance her daily interaction with the outside world.
Being homebound, some are turning to self harm, either by alcohol, drugs coupled with depression brings the isolation to dangerous level.
As our community champions are doing their best to stay in touch,
📞How do we touch to stay informed?
What are we doing to be a community of champions?
Please continue to check in on your loved ones❤️

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