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Look for Light in the Dark | July 31, 2020 🏔

The grieving process has been quite the journey. I know that every event in my life has brought me to this exact place of being.
Every missed opportunity, and accomplished, every lesson learned and disqualified, every moment hit and missed has brought me to this space I’m in.
Every morning I ask for guidance and protection for all our community members that while they are preparing for the journey each and every one be blessed with positive energy and an abundance of Guiding Spirits to protect each and everyone who are impacted by all the unnatural deaths.
I recall, putting my feet on the ground with anticipation and humility. My heart was beating full beats, my anxiety was on point, and the grief I felt on my shoulders were not as heavy as it was I previous days.
My first step forward, to contribute what ever I could, with eyes filled with deep deep tears. I blinked those big tears away. The moments that have passed turned into minutes, into hours, then into days and now years. I recall being confronted with some of life hardest decisions. There seems to be no end, and it is because of that, I've learned to managed in such a way that allows growth.
I carry my grief not as baggage but as my mentor, my teacher, my life long ally. I reached the conclusion no matter how much I weep, sob, or cry - My Mothers broken heart will be with me until my dying day. I can embrace it and move forward, or I can let it claim me and crumble. I knew after the first week, I would not quit, I would not crumble, I would continue to cry, grieve and mourn the death 🎗of my child, he died that day and so did I.
Now I will reclaim what is left of my life and learn to move forward. Albeit be baby steps- but they are still steps forward! 👣
So as this day begins, we know it will also end. Look to those around you, without expectation, but with compassion.
Forgiveness in every form is healing.
Camaraderie vs rivalry
We can’t keep dividing ourselves and talk about unity.
We have untold amounts of Community Champions, we need to come together for Collaboration and Community Compassion.
”It takes a community to raise a child”, It will also taken community to heal a child, no matter theIr age.

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