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Keep Talking | January 30, 2020🐬

Fentanyl laced drugs took my son Quinnton's spirit in February of 2015. He thought it was going okay - because his friend gave it to him. He didn't remember a lot that day - what he did remember was two fold - that he almost died .. and he saw & felt something he never felt before ..(I shall elaborate at a later date)
Quinnton was found unresponsive and face down on the sidewalk on the DES of Vancouver when the paramedics found him.
Quinnton received Naloxone and he had said when people were finally able to talk to him they would be upset at him , say things like you "should know better", or "that was a stupid move", Or whatever !
The fact remains is when Quinnton overdosed It wasn't intentional - He wanted to get high, he didn’t want to die! He and his friends wanted to get high. He had been released from jail and he was wanting to do something, unfortunately, that day his choice was a drug that was laced with Fentanyl.
I flew into Vancouver to be with Quinnton, when I saw him, he held me in his arms, his eyes were so sad, he was afraid, and cried in airport. He said their was no intention to harm himself, it was an accident. He said he felt so alone - he could hear people when they were talking to him and knew a few that were close by, but he felt so alone.
I held my son - and told him it was okay to cry, and he did - a cry that was so heart wrenching it tore at my soul. I wish I had done a lot of things differently - I can't change anything from that day forward - Quinnton knew he was loved & I knew and still know he loves me.
When he did not receive the support, he thought he was entitled to, then he felt as though he didn't matter .. (Holy fuck .. My child thought he didn't matter .. as his Mother I tried to always let my three Sons know they do matter, whatever their actions are .. It's their actions I may not approve of, but them as people I value more than life itself.)
We must educate and understand that when there is this type of event - we must first educate ourselves. Accidental overdose are common and in his case he was very lucky to have been revived.
This drug as are all drugs are fatal and the impacts of its side effects are dangerous!
We know that Quinnton never recovered from this accidental overdose - 8 months after this life event Quinnton died by the act of suicide.
As his mother - I live with this daily - that his suicide didn't just happen in October 2, 2015 it began with his downward spiral and one event out of many I can point to is the use and accidental overdose of a drug that was laced Fentanyl.
We need to be aware that the lasting impacts are many ..
Time to wake up! Death is forever no matter what the cause!
Drugs are running rampant - and are claiming more lives than we know. Not just by death of the body - but also by death of the spirit, emotion and knowledge.
I know people will message me and want to educate me on my son Quinnton, Drug and alcohol use and abuse, depression, suicide grief death and dying..
I'm not writing this as an education on above mentioned topics ..
I am writing as my life experience ..
As A Mother!
As Quinnton’s mother ..
No one else..but a grieving Mother.
Death by any manner is a subject We can and we must talk about - especially if it is by the act of suicide

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