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Community Compassion | March 14, 2020🧩

I send my deepest heartfelt condolences to those who have lost a loved one by the act of SUICIDE. Not just yesterday, but for days gone by.
I have learned that those who turned their back on me when I needed them the most was not a reflection of me, but a reflection of them.
I understand that as living family members, we experience the harsh thoughts and words that others feel the need to share.
The hardest reality is seeing who sticks by you and who walk away. People we have known a short time or a lifetime may leave, I see that as an opportunity to validate that I’ve learned from that person and now it’s time to make room for a new person and new experiences to teach and learn from.
I've learned its not that they don't like you, they are scared now you are no longer whispering that bastard word. SUICIDE!
Suicide claims our loved ones, we have to learn to not let Suicide claim us.
I heard so much when Quinnton died, I’ve learned that some people are afraid of the unknown.
I’ve heard things like:
“He is better off dead”,
“How selfish”,
“At least he is not causing pain”,
“At least he is not in pain”,
“I know how you feel”,
The worst was
“At least you have other children” .
These words are not comforting, these are not ways we are compassionate.
So when they walk away, I've learned some hard lonesome lessons, let them walk as it is not a reflection of me but once again of them.
I know the work of spreading awareness will never be done, this is how we are reaching and teaching the next generation about Suicide, about mental health and self care.
We can foster compassion, we can incite caring, and reassure those who need assistance what ever it is can and will be available - it may take a generation, but we have to start - somewhere
Check on your neighbours, your coworkers, Your friends.
Someone may just need that ounce of love today.

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