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Colleagues/Family/Community | September 25, 2020🎗

During these unprecedented times, we all are impacted by the events/ the unknown around us.
Those we live, work and interact with, are becoming our support system.
”Our peer supporters may have had similar life experiences and can share resources and coping strategies that might be useful to you. Whether you wish to become a peer supporter or get help from one.”
We now have become each other’s support system, continue to check in on those around you, anxiety and depression are sneaky. Everyone is on edge, everyone is trying to support their families in the best way they know how, and still trying to support their community.
Remember - be kind, compassionate and mindful of what you say - everyone is impacted by the ghost that is lurking in every community.
Check in on one person today, as ask ”How are you? Really??”
Be okay with the answer, if you feel that you can not help, it's okay! We can always find someone who can!
Self care - is the best care - Be gentle with yourself, and, know you are not alone💕

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