Why Into the Storm?

We all have loved ones that we care for and support on their journey through life and for many of us, it can be a life-long battle. But we believe we are all in this together and like the buffalo, when a storm comes they face it and get through it together.

Into the Storm is an initiative to support the awareness and efforts of community compassion practices, processes and ideas to make things better in our communities. If you want to learn more or would like to find out how you can support us, visit ccwalk.ca, aboriginalalert.ca or send us a message!

Community Compassion

Hearing from grassroots people, front line workers, first responders, and practitioners about best practices, processes, and ongoing ideas for community compassion. Along our travels, we discovered grassroots approaches to connect with those in need, to assist where personnel resources are minimal and open up a new channel for communication. We confirmed the fact that the answer for each community comes from the community itself, the dialogue is important to share best practices and ideas. 

CC Walk is a grassroots effort to bring awareness and community compassion practices, processes and ideas to make things better in each of our communities. In 2019, we walked from Prince Rupert BC to Kamloops BC to start talking, raise awareness and spread compassion. Check out the video from Day 1 below, read about our epic journey and follow us on facebook for more.

Champion Cards

The Community Compassion Champion Cards are to let others know we are there for them and that they are never alone. Keep these cards with you and always remember who your champions are. 

Aboriginal Alert has been developed to connect people and communities to help address the issues and needs faced by aboriginal peoples in Canada. This tool is to help raise awareness, share information about missing people in Canada and provide resources to people in need. Everyday there are more missing people in Canada. We need to be aware, alert and working together to help our Nation.

Visit Aboriginal Alert to learn more about how you can help and connect with others to demonstrate your compassion.

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